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"Dr. Bailey Smith is America's evangelist. His powerful and uncompromising message of truth is what the world needs. Dr. Smith preaches with conviction and compassion that comes from the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his life. He is a dear and precious friend whose life and influence has blessed me beyond measure. Only heaven will reveal the true legacy of this great servants life and ministry!"

Jamey Ragle
Life Building Ministries

"Bailey Smith is one of the all-time great evangelists. He preaches an authentic gospel with power and passion and the harvest God reaps through him proves it. He is one of the best communicators I have ever known. Turn him loose and God will do the rest!"

Dr. Jerry Falwell
Founder and Chancellor
Liberty University

"There is no finer Bible conference in American than Bailey Smith's Real Evangelism Conference. It will take Heaven to reveal what has happened in the hearts of pastor since Bailey Smith allowed God to use him to begin these Christ-honoring events. It has been my privilege, since 1992, to host Real Evangelism and only God knows how much my life has been touched.

I believe that time will tell, through the legacy that Dr. Bailey Smith leaves, that there has been no man alive any more passionate about winning souls for Christ than Dr. Bailey Smith. I thank God for Bailey and Sandy Smith and their deep love for Jesus and His church, pastors, and the body of Christ at large. Bailey Smith is this Pastor's friend. I love Bailey Smith.

Dr. Johnny Hunt
First Baptist Church
Woodstock, Georgia