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Bailey Smith's Pointing The Way crusade ministry has seen countless souls won to Christ over the past twenty years. Our passion is crusade evangelism and our heart is for souls.

The purpose of an area wide crusade is to win the lost and strengthen the local church. We see those as best being accomplished through winning people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. When people get saved, the church gains a level of excitement and enthusiasm that can come no other way. Our commitment to the great commission through crusade evangelism is due to our passion for souls and our belief in the effectiveness of multi-church efforts.

Everything in an area wide crusade is geared to the purpose of souls. We can also see much greater things accomplished when we all work together. Hopefully, the pastors of the area will have strengthened relationships with each other and a spirit of cooperation will have been born. Through the youth effort, we can be a part of things much bigger than any single church can do alone. Through the Outreach and Telephone committees, we will try and call and visit everyone in your area. Through the counseling training, we can train soul winners in all the participating churches. Through the prayer committee, we try to start prayer ministries in each of the churches and get the pastors to meet on a continual basis to pray for their community, which will hopefully extend long after the crusade is over.

We would love to bring an area wide crusade to your area. We have included 23 Steps to Having a Crusade . If you would like to bring a crusade to your area, you can fill out the form on the Contact Page.


  1. Vision / Ideal / Goal
  2. Share vision / Enlist support
  3. Exploratory Meeting
  4. Select Steering Committee
    • Share Vision
    • Enlist support
      • Letter and phone call to every pastor of every denomination in area inviting crusade participation.
      • Personal visit with leading pastors and laymen.
      • Personal visit with reluctant pastors and laymen.
  5. Select Banquet Committee
    • Letter and phone call to every pastor of every denomination in area inviting both them and their church members to banquet. Asking them to buy banquet ticket and inviting them to sell at their tickets at their church.
    • Set date / time / location / menu / order of service at banquet.
  6. Steering Committee Selects Executive Committee
  7. Have Banquet
    • Introduce Bailey Smith Ministries
    • Introduce Executive Committee
    • Enlist personal involvement
    • Enlist financial support
  8. Secretary compiles information taken from banquet.
  9. Bailey Smith Ministry's Crusade Director meets with Executive Committee for training.
  10. Budget compiled from resources raised at budget in relation to needs of each committee chairman's department.
  11. Contact participating churches to raise funds for budget.
  12. Chairmen periodically check with Executive Committee to encourage efforts and to ensure progress is on schedule
  13. Secretary keeps track of pledges coming in and keep chairmen up-to-date.
  14. Local Church Committee Training.
  15. All publicity, outreach, telephone, campaigns in full swing.
  16. Counselor Training - two to four weeks prior to crusade.
  17. Prayer Lift Week - two weeks before crusade.
  18. Each One/Reach One Outreach Sunday - two weeks prior to crusade.
  19. Door to door visitation - two weeks prior to crusade.
  20. Budget is met and finalized. Pledges are all in one week prior to crusade.
  21. Youth Rally - weekend prior to crusade.
  22. Crusade
  23. Follow-up


"Dr. Bailey Smith is America's evangelist. His powerful and uncompromising message of truth is what the world needs. Dr. Smith preaches with conviction and compassion that comes from the anointing of the Holy Spirit in his life. He is a dear and precious friend whose life and influence has blessed me beyond measure. Only heaven will reveal the true legacy of this great servants life and ministry!"

Jamey Ragle
Life Building Ministries

"Bailey Smith is one of the all-time great evangelists. He preaches an authentic gospel with power and passion and the harvest God reaps through him proves it. He is one of the best communicators I have ever known. Turn him loose and God will do the rest!"

Dr. Jerry Falwell
Founder and Chancellor
Liberty University

"There is no finer Bible conference in American than Bailey Smith's Real Evangelism Conference. It will take Heaven to reveal what has happened in the hearts of pastor since Bailey Smith allowed God to use him to begin these Christ-honoring events. It has been my privilege, since 1992, to host Real Evangelism and only God knows how much my life has been touched.

I believe that time will tell, through the legacy that Dr. Bailey Smith leaves, that there has been no man alive any more passionate about winning souls for Christ than Dr. Bailey Smith. I thank God for Bailey and Sandy Smith and their deep love for Jesus and His church, pastors, and the body of Christ at large. Bailey Smith is this Pastor's friend. I love Bailey Smith.

Dr. Johnny Hunt
First Baptist Church
Woodstock, Georgia