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A Salvation Without A Lord

You are a disciple, a learner, a follower of the Christ, whether or not you follow close up. You are a servant of the eternal God, whether you serve well or poorly. You are a soldier in the army of the Lord Jesus Christ, whether you are in the front lines or AWOL. If I know who I am, and if I know who God is, then my so-called rights in life have been subjugated to the Person of God in Jesus Christ-Christos. He is the Lord of my life. And whatever and whenever, I have no cause to bargain with Him or put up an argument. If you and I are purchased possessions of God, Then all that has our names on it belongs to that same God.

- Charles Stanley

More than once, I've heard a person say, "I received Christ as my Savior, but not as my Lord." Sometimes the person will add, "Christ has given me salvation, but I haven't give Him full control of my life."

Because we all know people who profess to be saved but "don't have their act together," we sometimes don't think twice about such statements. In fact, in our day of widespread lack of dedication and commitment among Christians, it may seem that the problem really is just that: Too many people are accepting Christ as Savior, but not as Lord. After all, it's common in today's church to speak of believers who have backslidden or who are indulging in sin yet not doing anything about it. That a person can profess to be a Christian yet not live like one seems to validate the idea that accepting Jesus as Savior and as Lord are two different things.

But is it possible for us to split up the person of Christ in our relationship with Him? Can we separate His role as Savior from His role as Lord? I don't believe so. In fact, I believe that such a teaching is foreign to the New Testament. The Bible itself refers to Jesus as Lord at the very moment a person receives the gift of salvation. Romans 10:9-10, an oft-quoted passage, is a case in point. He is already Lord whether or not we choose to make Him Lord.

While it is true that we as Christians may not always let our lights shine and act in a Christian manner, we are still Christians if we have asked Christ to save us. Believers still make mistakes-that is clear from the struggles Paul described in Romans chapter 7. But the prevalent desire of our hearts is to live as God would have us live and allow Him to conform us "to the image of his Son".

Bailey Smith




"There is no finer Bible conference in American than Bailey Smith's Real Evangelism Conference. It will take Heaven to reveal what has happened in the hearts of pastor since Bailey Smith allowed God to use him to begin these Christ-honoring events. It has been my privilege, since 1992, to host Real Evangelism and only God knows how much my life has been touched.

I believe that time will tell, through the legacy that Dr. Bailey Smith leaves, that there has been no man alive any more passionate about winning souls for Christ than Dr. Bailey Smith. I thank God for Bailey and Sandy Smith and their deep love for Jesus and His church, pastors, and the body of Christ at large. Bailey Smith is this Pastor's friend. I love Bailey Smith.


Dr. Johnny Hunt
First Baptist Church
Woodstock, Georgia